What should I expect from my photographer?

What Should I Expect From My Photographer?Choosing the right photographer for any occasion can be difficult; more so when it is for an important milestone event such as a wedding, birthday, or corporate event. Baby photography too requires a professional, with that innate ability to tolerate and connect with children effectively.

When you settle upon the “right” person for any familial or corporate photo requirement, you will have taken into consideration the attitude, expertise and professionalism of that photographer, along with their ability to understand your ideas and needs. Now that you’ve made your choice, the expectation shouldn’t end there!


You may only be hiring your photographer for a brief period of time, however, the person you have chosen should be available to discuss your requirements, as well as the types of equipment, techniques and styles they plan to use on the day.

The best photographers will have already taken the potential for enquiry into consideration when it comes to providing a service. You can expect to be provided with full telephone and/ or email contact details, along with the welcome to contact them at any time. Good quality service will be demonstrated by the time it takes for your photographer to respond to your enquiries, as well as how well they deal with your desires for changes or  suggestions.


Paramount to the reputation of a photographer is the maintenance of professionalism. Your photographer provides a public service, and as such, should adhere to the basic rules of respect, communication and conduct associated with customer service.

Professionalism extends to punctuality, reliability and how well your communication is dealt with, along with the attitude of your photographer. A good photographer enhances his/ her professional reputation by taking into account possible expectations of his/ her customers, including: confirmation of services, confirmation of availability, personalized quotations, ascertaining required dress code (for weddings) and ensuring you are happy with the points set out in the service contract.


Just as you would expect documentation for taking out a new mobile phone contract, you should also expect to be presented with a contract drawn up by your photographer. They may meet with you prior to the creation of such a document to reach verbal agreement regarding deposits, quotation, and set availability. The contract merely finalises this, binding you both into a formal agreement you are happy with.

Don’t feel pressured into signing a contract until you are happy with every last detail. The contract should ideally include details of the photographer’s service hours (during your event), what is included with the package, and whether printing requirements are included in the price. Don’t forget to find out if your photographer provides insurance. This will cover you in the event of anything going wrong, and the price of which should be stipulated in the contract.

Certification To Work With Children

Photographers who specialise in baby/ child portraits should really have evidence of being qualified to do so in the form of a Criminal Records Bureau (C.R.B) check. You want to be sure your child is in safe hands, so do not feel uncertain about asking for proof.


The majority of established events photographers will have professional indemnity and public liability insurance, covering both them and you in the event of unforeseen problems or accidents. For peace of mind, check whether your photographer is covered by insurance, and also to what extent it benefits you too.

Christopher Strickland