Recent weddings in Rutland

It’s been a busy 2013. And again, I have been lucky to photograph in some great venues: Oakham Castle, Laydywood Estate in Knossington, Hambleton Hall, Normanton Church, Barnsdale Hall Hotel and Barnsdale Lodge. Hare are some photos…SW363 SW338 SW261 StephenieAlex274 StephenieAlex268 JaneDamian_392 JaneDamian_070 EmmaRyan406 EmmaRyan367 EmmaRyan142 Donaldson_187 Donaldson_138 Dade355 Dade226 CraigBarry551 CraigBarry528 CraigBarry509 CraigBarry507 CraigBarry336 CraigBarry263 Coller249 Coller138 Coller089 Coller073

Christopher Strickland