Oakham Tennis Club

On Sunday I photographed ex Wimbledon/Davis Cup starts Danny Sapsford and Andrew Richardson coaching local children and adults at Oakham Tennis Club. This was part of a fundraising day organised by the club to raise funds and awareness. The day was a huge success – despite the rainy start!

OakhamTennisClub_8 OakhamTennisClub_12 OakhamTennisClub_64 OakhamTennisClub_71 OakhamTennisClub_76 OakhamTennisClub_83 OakhamTennisClub_86 OakhamTennisClub_107 OakhamTennisClub_116 OakhamTennisClub_122 OakhamTennisClub_187 OakhamTennisClub_116

Christopher Strickland