Carol & Jeff's wedding

I had an absolutely fantastic day shooting Carol and Jeff’s wedding at Rockingham Castle – we were beyond lucky with the weather – the sun was shining throughout – and not even one drop or rain! Here is just a very small selection from the day..

Carol and Jeff Carol and Jeff Carol and Jeff Carol and Jeff CarolJeff129 CarolJeff136 CarolJeff146 CarolJeff164 CarolJeff192 CarolJeff195 CarolJeff202 CarolJeff223 CarolJeff233 CarolJeff247 CarolJeff249 CarolJeff252 CarolJeff267 CarolJeff272 CarolJeff296 CarolJeff298 CarolJeff303 CarolJeff334 CarolJeff336 CarolJeff338 CarolJeff378 CarolJeff388 CarolJeff409 CarolJeff412 CarolJeff437 CarolJeff466 CarolJeff479 CarolJeff492 CarolJeff499 CarolJeff512 CarolJeff697 CarolJeff700 CarolJeff703

Elli Dean